L'élevage de pur sang arabe de SHAH ARABIANS, installé en France, se trouve au Domaine des Rouzières, situé en Sologne, au sud de Paris. Les chevaux de SHAH ARABIANS ont des noms et des descendances prestigieuses comme : Abakan, Hiro, Balaton, Menez, Amunitia, Panagia, Antey, Aswan, Malta, Pudra, Nabeg, Nazeer...

pur sang arabe


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- 2nd of class of females 2 years and Bronze Medal Champion

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12/02/2016 - Shah Arabians proposes some quality horses for sale - please refer to page 'Sale List'
SHAH WAHID qualified on a 80 km endurance race at Compiège in October. Final cardiac 44, average speed 15,6km/h rank 9/26

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SHAH ADEL (WH Justice x Astara by Abakan)
1st of class of Senior Males and

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Le Mans - 15th March Ecaho C

SHAH MEHRANA (Estashan ibn Estopa x shah Massouma) -GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, Best in Show, Best Head
(WH Kaneko x Shah Wahida) - SILVER MEDAL CHAMPION
( Shah Adel x Shah Massouma) - SILVER MEDAL CHAMPION
(El Sid x Shah Massouma) - BRONZE MEDAL CHAMPION

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Congratualations Mr Neshaat Hegazy of Eygpt on the purchase of the remarkable stallion WH Kaneko MS who so successfully commenced his career as a Sire in 2009 at Shah Arabians.  All his ofspring born and shown in 2009 gained titles of either Champion or Reserve Champion among which Shah Dokhtar, French National Champion foal
We are happy to announce that WH Kaneko will continue to breed at Shah Arabians by frozen semen.  For more information please contact us.

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The Bronze Medal  "Junior Female" was won by ALMASA bred by HRH Princess Alia of Jordan.  Her sire is Monarcos and her dam Jawaher is by Hlayyil Ramadan and Goleh Gola born at Shah Arabians  by Abakan and Grojka

MARWAN AL SHAQAB was the sire of 3 mâle winners of gold , silver and bronze medals.
His son WH KANEKO stationed at Shah Arabians will be available for breeding (frozen semen only after the month of February)

WH JUSTICE was the sire of the Gold Medal winner, Junior Male.
His son SHAH ADEL will be at stud at Shah Arabians for the 2011 breeding season.
The first babies born of both stallions are remarkable

Almasa with her breeder Princess Alia of Jordan at the World Championships

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WH KANEKO born in the U.S.A. in 2006, son of Marwan Al Shaqab, grand son of Gazal al Shaqab, great grand son of Bey Shah confirms his quality as a Sire, following in the footsteps of his legendary parents.
SHOW ECAHO C at Lamballe - 17 &18 july - Shah Arabians presented 5 of its young products, including 3 Kaneko yearlings
SHAH DOKHTAR (WH Kaneko x shah Maliha) -  first of class  fillies 1 year, Gold Medal and "Trophée Coup de Coeur" for best female of the show
SHAH DJAHAN (WH Kaneko x Aasa Vida) - 2nd class colts 1 year and Bronze Medal
SHAH MABROUKA (WH Kaneko x Shah Massouma)  - 2nd of class fillies 1 year and Bronze Medal
The 2 other horrses presented were :
SHAH DALIR (Hlayyil Ramadan x Debora) - Ist of class od colts 2/3 years and Silver Medal
SHAH ADEL (WH Justice x Astara) - 2nd of class males 4-5 years and Bronze Medal

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Shah Rostam (Kaneko x Glycinia)
Shah Vaghar (Shah Adel x Vereia)
Shah Zarif (Kaneko x Astara)
Shah Mosafar (Shah Adel x Shah Mahtab)
Shah Mastoura (Kaneko x Aasa Shah Mina)
Shah Wadela (Shah Adel x Shah Wahida)
Shah Mashougha (Shah Adel x Shah Maliha)

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FAREWELL to those who leave us.  We will miss you but you go to wonderful homes and we wish our clients success and joy with the new arrivals

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26th May 2010 - Shah Arabians is happy to announce that we are now able to supply our clients with fresh semen from the following stallions : Abakan, Estashan Ibn Estopa , WH Kaneko, Shah Adel, Aasa Shah Abed.

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5th February 2010 - Shah Arabians is happy to announce that at the request of one of its clients WH Kaneko MS was tested for the congenital disease Cerebella Abiotrophy (CA) and was declared “non carrier” 

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Breeding Season 2010
Abakan (Balaton x Amunitia) in hand & frozen semen available 1500 €
Aasa Shah Abed ( Abakan x Kajgala) in hand & frozen semen available 1000 €
Shah Adel (WH Justice x Astara) in hand & frozen semen available 1200 €
WH Kaneko (Marwan Al Shaqab x Antiffany Bey) in hand & frozen semen available 2000 €
Estashan Ibn Estopa (Ibn Estopa x Estasha)
in hand only 1500 €
Aasa Shah Asb (Abakan x Albina) in hand only 1000 €
Anwar (Padrons Immage x Angelika) in hand only 1000 €

A very limites number of doses remain from HIRO (Menes x Pudra).  These will be sold at 2500 € per dose

Hiro is the full brother to Prophecy who is the sire of NOBBY, World and European Endurance Champion. 
The products of Hiro, in France and in Jordan, although still young and few in number, show considerable aptitude for endurance racing.  Masqat Shah (Hiro x HK Muskata), in his first season, won the 80km national endurance ride, Wadi Rum, Jordan in November 2009.

Important discount will be given to any mare who have obtained a title herself or who is the dam of a titled  produ

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Champion Res. foal female Shah Mabrouka (WH Kaneko X Shah Massouma),
Champion Res. foal male Shah Wahid (WH Kaneko X Shah Wahida).

Shah Arabians congratulates Mr & Mrs Bourrassé for their 2 Champions foals, Joumalia de Nautiac and Shalab de Nautiac
Interesting to note that the 4 winning foals had as dam either a daughter or a grand daughter of Abakan and 2 of them were the get of WH Kaneko

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Shah Arabians congratulates HRH Princesse Alia of Jordan for the win of her mare Goleh Gola (Abakan x Grojka) who won the National Reserve Champion title and of her grand daughter Almassa (Monarcos x Jawaahir) who was crowned Junior Champion.

….and a little bravo for ABAKAN whose get and grand get continue to win titles in countries all around the world.

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Shah Wahid
(WH Kaneko x Shah Wahida par Hlayyil Ramadan)
Shah Verdy
(WH Kaneko x Vereia par Mukomol)
Shah Mabrouka
(WH Kaneko x Shah Massouma par Om El Extreem)
Shah Dokhtar (WH Kaneko x Shah Maliha par Kais)
Shah Djoshan (Abakan x Debora par Balaton)
Shah Djahan (WH Kaneko x Aasa Vida par Abakan)
HK Muskata x WH Kaneko
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8th of January
The ofspring of Abakan appreciated by connoisseurs
Sue and Emerys Jones, both Internationl judges and well known breeders of arabian horses in the UK (Bychan Arabians), bought their second Abakan daughter, Shah Monira born in 2006, (x Shah Maliha).  Their first Abakan daughter, Lyanka became National Champion of England.

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CLUNY, 18-19 September, ECAHO C

Shah Arabians participated at this show with 3 horses.
Rare success :
SHAH MALEKA (Abakan x Shah Maliha by Kais )  CHAMPION Junior Female.
SHAH ADEL (WH Justice x Astara by Abakan) CHAMPION Junior Male
SHAH DASHTI (Aasa Shah Kabir x Debora by Balaton) CHAMPION RESERVE Junior Mâle

To note :  all 3 horses presented had Abakan as their sire or their grand sire.
The produce of Abakan have obtained, the world over, more than 100 titles such as National Champion of France
, National Champion of Engalnd, National Champion of Holland
National champion of Jordan  etc .....For more details see page "The Stallions" - Abakan

The trophies and qualifications of Shah Arabians at the
French National Championships
Vichy 6th  and 7th  September
 SHAH WAHIDA  (Hlayyil Ramadan x DS Vinona by Abakan), born 2003 at Shah Arabians
1st of class, mares foal at foot
CHAMPION RESERVE (senior female)
SHAH WALEYLA (Abakan x Shah Wahida by Hlayyil Ramadan), born 2008 at Shah Arabians
CHAMPION RESERVE (foal female)
DEBORA (Balaton x Dilemma by Aswan), born 2000 at Tersk, Russia.
2nd of class, mares foal at foot.
SHAH DASHTI (Aasa Shah Kabir x Debora by Balaton), born 2007 at Shah Arabians
2nd of class, colts 1 year old
SHAH ADEL (WH Justice x Astara by Abakan) , born 2006 at Shah Arabians
3rd of class colts 2 years old

SHAH MALAKA (Abakan x Shah Mlaiha by Kais), born 2007 at shah Arabians
4th of class fillies 1 year old
of interest …
HLAYYIL RAMADAN sire of Shah Wahida (Kamar El Zaman x Haboub par Bahar) was born at the Royal Jordanian Arabian Stud Farm.  He has won many prestigious titles including World and European Champion Stallion.  He is the successful result of a marriage of two successful stud farms. His sire Kamar el Zaman is the product of Al Rayan Stud Farm (S.A. Sheikh Abdol Azziz Al Thani) and his dam Haboub was bred at the Royal Jordanian Arabian Stud Farm (S.A.R. Princesse Alia Al Hossein Al Saleh).
Breeding demands can be made to Eric Dorser of Bluebell Arabians, Holland.
DS VINONA (Abakan x Valga by Aswan) belonging to Sabine and Dominique Akel 
unfortunately died prematurely while her daughter Shah Wahida, her only product, had not yet been weaned.  Thank you Vinona for leaving us this beautiful mare to remember you by.
*   *   *
Rhone-Alps Championships,  5-6 July, ECAHO C
SHAH VALENKA (Abakan x Vereia by Mukomol), straight Russian.
At her first show gained the title of CHAMPION filly.
VEREIA (Mukomol x Visantia) her dam was 1st class of mares with foals at foot.
*  *  *
Jordanian National Championships
Shah Arabians congratulates H.R.H. Princess Alia of Jordan for the victory of her stallion
Goleh Gola, born at Shah Arabians was exported at the age of 1 year, and is now a beautiful flea- bitten  senior mare who  was awarded an ECAHO STAR due to her precedent victories in show.
SAFWAN - Champion Colt (Eid Jafar by Abakan out of Saafiyah)
GHAAZI - Reserve Champion Colt ( Eid Jafar by Abakan out of Doonya)
YOOMNA - Reserve Champion Filly (Monarcos x Al Yamaamah by Abakan)
also of interest the line up for the senior mare class :
Goleh Gola (Abakan x Grojka), Ghogha (Nadir x Grojka), Yamaamah (Abakan x Al Yamaama)
Katira (Abakan x Kajgala), Malekia (Abakan x Miradowa)

*  *  *
Shah Bina (Abakan x Shah Badia par Abakan)
Shah Waleyla (Abakan x Wahida par Hlayyil Ramadan)
Shah Valenka (Abakan x Vereia par Mukomol)
Shah Mehrana (Estashan Ibn Estopa x Shah Massouma par Om El Extreem)
Shah Manzar (Estashan Ibn Estopa x Shah Maliha par Kais)
Shah Vala (Shah Manesh x Aasa Vida par Abakan)
Shah Golshan (Aasa Shah Asb x Glycinia par Negasimyi)
Shah Dalir (Hlayyil Ramadan x Debora par Balaton)
Shah Morad (Om El Shamaan x Aasa Shah Mina par Abakan)

*   *   *
(Abakan x Vereia) was qualified on his first endurance ride of 20 km  on the 13th April at Vernou en Sologne.
At the same time another product of SHAH ARABIANS, SHAH BAZ (Shahinn x Mirenga) ridden by his owner Mrs Fanny Sabire was qualified on the 93km course.

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For some of our horses a price range has been put forward in the detailed charts on the pages "Complete List of Male Horses" and "Complete List of Female Horses". In the event that a horse, not mentioned on the price range, is specially desired, please consult us.