L'élevage de pur sang arabe de SHAH ARABIANS, installé en France, se trouve au Domaine des Rouzières, situé en Sologne, au sud de Paris. Les chevaux de SHAH ARABIANS ont des noms et des descendances prestigieuses comme : Abakan, Hiro, Balaton, Menez, Amunitia, Panagia, Antey, Aswan, Malta, Pudra, Nabeg, Nazeer...

pur sang arabe

Persian miniature dating from the beginning of the 16th century, illustrating one of the proto-historic legends of Persia
from the "Book of Kings", written by the great epic poet
Ferdowsi * more than a thousand years ago.

The King of Persia angered by the failure of his warriors to overcome the mysterious onager that was decimating the horses of the realm, solicitates the help of Rostam, the legendary hero of Iran. It is only after many hazardous attempts, with the help of his stallion Rakhsh and the advise of a friendly sorcerer, who reveals to him the true nature of the demon Akvan-Div* who masquerades as a honager, that Rostam is finally able to capture the wily demon.

* " Ferdows " is the origin of the word " paradise ". Paradise was first imagined by the Persians. Ferdowsi means " from paradise ".
* " Div " is the persian origin of the words " deus, dieu, diva and... demon ".
( see persian mythology )”